What’s up my name is CryptoSage and in this Article, I’m going to show you step by step How to Create a Binance Account and secure that account with two-factor authentication and also do the identity verification so we can actually fund our account with fiat currency and then use that to buy some cryptocurrency.

So I’m gonna show you everything so you can easily follow along with this article and with that being said let’s get into the tutorial.

First step to Create a Binance Account

Create a Binance Account

Alright, so the first step is to go ahead and sign up for a new Binance account so you can just head over to binance.com and then you’ll be getting to this page that you see right here.

Now depending on when you watch this article in the future, this might look a bit different for you just make sure actually to go to binance.com and then you’ll be on the correct page once you’re here you can just click on register now.

In the middle or here on the top where it says register either one of these buttons will work and once you click on that button you’ll get to this signup page right here.

Registration bonus:

Create a Binance Account

Now here you can either sign up with your email address or your mobile phone that is up to you and one thing I also want to mention here is that if you use my referral code ( 796091742 ).

You will receive a $100 credit that you can use to cover trading fees.
Because you’ll have to pay for each trade that you make on this exchange.

And you can type in your email address or your mobile phone number and decide on a password then click on Create an account here.

For the security verification, just drag this little puzzle piece into this piece right here, and then you’ll get to the next step where we have to confirm the email address that we have just used to sign up for Binance so go ahead go into your inbox and then you’ll be getting a code from binance they’ll just have to copy into these fields right here and then you’ll get to the next step.

Create a Binance Account

So this is what the email will look like so I’m just gonna take that code copy to the clipboard then go back here and just paste it in these fields right here and then we should automatically get redirected to the next step.

Dashboard Setup:

Then before we get to our dashboard binance is going to show us this page where they kind of tried to help us set up our account by giving you different guides but I’m going to show you everything in this article so what we’re going?

All we have to do is increase the security level of our account by adding two-factor authentication now.

What that means is that in the future when you wanna log into your Binance account you’re not only gonna have to enter your password to get to your account but you’re also gonna have to enter a one-time code that you’ll be getting on your mobile phone either via text message or via the google authenticator application.

Now I highly recommend using an application like Google Authenticator or authy or something because if you use your text messages then criminals can do something called sim swapping which is where they get access to your text messages and then when they have your password and access to your text messages they can access your Binance account and transfer out all the funds to their accounts so basically steal your cryptocurrency which is not something you want to have to happen so and that’s why the google authenticator method is a lot more secure.

That’s what we’re going to do here and so we’re just going to click on Google verification here, by the way, if you don’t see that pop-up that we’ve seen before here you can also manually go into that um that option by just going to your account here on the top your account icon then go to security right here and then we’re just gonna click on google authentication here just go to on and then again we get to this step where we can enable the google authenticator method as a two-factor authentication.

So here we’re simply going to go through each of the steps as you can see the first step is to download the Google Authenticator application on your phone if you don’t already have an authenticator application so you can go to the app store If you have an iPhone or the google play store if you have an android phone download and install the application and once you’ve done that you can click on next and go to,

The second step where we have to generate this new one-time password on our Google authenticator application so if you have downloaded this app for the first time it’s going to prompt you to scan a new QR code which is this one right here and if you already have this application you can go to the bottom right corner go to the plus sign and click on scan a new QR code and then just hold over the camera of your phone over this QR code on your computer screen and then it will automatically generate,

New and six-digit code on your phone that’s going to be generating a new code every 60 seconds or so so once you see that on your phone you can go to the next step by just clicking on next and then on the third step here they want us to um to note down a recovery key for the case that if you ever lose your phone then you won’t be able to access your Binance account because you can’t generate this new one-time password to access your account this is why this code is very important

So what you want to do is just note this down on a piece of paper somewhere and put it somewhere safe where you’re not going to lose it and where only you have access to this code because whenever you lose your phone um you will need this code to recover your Binance account by um opening a support ticket and telling them that you have lost your phone so this is very important make sure you note this key somewhere safe and that you’re not going to lose this key then once you’ve done that you can click on next and go to the last step here this is where we have to verify our google authenticator application by sending a code to your email.

Security Measures Continued:

So when you click on send code right here it’s going to send a code to your email inbox then you’ll be getting an email with a code so you’re just going to copy this code and go back here and just paste it in this field and then you also want to type in a code from your google authenticator application the code that we have just generated so I’m just going to type it in here 241624 and once you’ve done that you can click on submit and that should activate the google authenticator as two-factor authentication for your account as we can see here it is now activated.

Additional Security Measures:

Now one more thing I want to mention about security is that if you even want to enhance your security further you can get something that is called a UB key which is like a hardware device that you have to put into the USB port of your computer and you can only access your account when you have that device plugged into your computer and have one here that’s what I use to access all my cryptocurrency exchanges this is what it looks like it’s like a USB very small device that I have to plug into my computer

But for now, google authenticator is already pretty secure so that’s where we’re going to leave it at for this new account and we’re going to move on to the next step.

Anti-Phishing Code:

One thing I also recommend you do is to enable the anti-phishing code what that means is that will just prevent you from getting scammed by just people sending you emails pretending to be Binance because what you can do here is generate a code or just type in a code that will be displayed every time you get an official email from Binance.

So what we’re going to do is just click on enable anti-phishing code here and then as you can see this will be what it looks like so whenever you get an email from Binance you’re going to see your code displayed right here and whenever you see that code then you can be sure that this email is actually from Binance and it’s not somebody trying to steal your information,

So we’re gonna click on create anti-phishing code here so I’m just gonna type in this is not a scam it doesn’t matter what word you type in here just you want to make sure you remember this word so that you can see that it’s not a scam email then you want to click on submit and now we have to verify it with our google authenticator application that we have just set up before just going to type in the code here h42307 and then it automatically.

sets this code for me and now I can always change that code in the future if I want to but that’s it so we’re going back to security right here and now we have already set up enable anti-phishing code and we can move on to the next step.

Identity Verification:

The next step is to do the identity verification now we need to do this step if you want to use fiat currency to buy any cryptocurrency so if you want to fund our account with euros british pounds dollars and so on then we need to do the identity

verification if you already have cryptocurrency and you want to just transfer it over to Binance and start trading you don’t need to do the identity verification you can just transfer over the amount to your cryptocurrency wallet and then you can start trading but if you want to use fiat currency then we have to do the identity verification because when we go to bank deposit right here then we can see that we can only deposit money when we have our identity set up as you can see here

So we’re gonna head over to the top right here hover over the account icon and I’m gonna click on identification right here and that will take us to this page now there are two layers of identification the first one being the identity verification where we just have to identify ourselves using an id card and then if you want to have even higher limits like over 50 000 per day you can also do the advanced verification where you have to verify your residential address by uploading some kind of utility bill.

But within this article I’m just gonna stick to the identity verification I’m gonna just walk you through that because for most of you, the limits that you get here are gonna be more than enough so we’re gonna start by clicking on verify here on the right side and then what you want to do is just go through each of the steps that you see here so just confirm your country then click on start here on the bottom then you want to type in all your personal information right here and I’ve already done this and I’ve taken some screenshots

So I can show you each of the steps that you have to go through so um the first one after you have to fill in your information, is to verify your identity using an ID card so you can either use your passport or your ID card or also a driver’s license.

I have used my ID card so I have chosen that and clicked on continue then you can either upload a photo of your ID card or you can also take a photo using your webcam,

So I have used my webcam so I’ve just clicked on take a photo then my browser wanted to know if it’s okay to use my camera so I clicked allow right here then the camera will open up and you can just hold your id card in the camera like this and then once everything is sharp and readable you can click on submit and

Then in the next step again you have to confirm everything then In this step they want to know if you are the person on your ID card, again you’re gonna have to open your camera and take a photo of yourself so uh do that and then confirm everything.

here then on the next step, you have to do an advanced verification of yourself so you can either do that with your phone using the Binance application I’ve tried to use this but it didn’t work on my phone so I have just simply used my webcam again on my computer.

So I’ve just clicked on use PC to do verification that you can see here in yellow and then you can see your camera open up and they just gonna tell you to nod your head open your mouth and something like that.

I think they just want to see if you’re a real person so it takes like a couple of seconds and then when everything is fine you’re gonna see this screen right here where um they’re gonna tell you that it’s gonna take about two hours until you’re verified uh or delays up to three days.

For me, it’s only like I was verified pretty much immediately like after a couple of seconds so yeah probably it’s gonna take not as long as they say here but I don’t know maybe for you it’s going to take a bit longer.

So here we can click on close and then we’re going to move on and then once your account is verified you’re going to see this little verified icon here on the right side of your identity verification window so once you see that,

Then you’re ready to fund your account with fiat currency and start buying some cryptocurrency this was a segment for my complete Binance tutorial that is also available here on YouTube so if you want to learn more about how to use Binance,

If you found this article useful, be sure to share it with your friends on social media below and leave me a comment if you have any questions, also subscribe to the site if you want to receive everything new. In the end, thank you. Thank you very much for reaching the end of the article. I hope you have enjoyed it.

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