The Best Crypto Exchanges USA for 2024

Hey guys, what is going on? My name is CryptoSage. Today we’re going to be discussing what is the Best Crypto Exchanges USA for 2024. I’ve reviewed pretty much every single cryptocurrency exchange out there, comparing lots of different things like fees, withdrawal amounts, if they operate in the USA, have they been hacked, and so on.

The Best Crypto Exchanges USA for 2024

So guys, if we’re taking a look at the tier list itself, we’re going to be looking obviously at the top-rated cryptocurrency exchanges, which are going to be in S tier.

You should be able to get discounts or at least a sign-up bonus with each one of them, and that’s going to be eToro, Coinbase, and Kraken. With Coinbase, I believe you could get up to $200.

Kraken might be like 10 bucks, and eToro might be something like that as well. So click those links in the article, I am not sponsored by any of these exchanges.

I’m just an affiliate, which means if you use my link, I’ll get a small cutback, but you don’t even have to use my link or get the bonus if you don’t want to.

Best Crypto Exchanges USA for 2024 (S Tier) :

Alright guys, so let’s go ahead and discuss which one of these three is best for people in the United States while each one of these has a different kind of set of advantages and pros and cons. So in my opinion, if you’re looking for a US-based exchange that has staking support and the most cryptocurrency supported, you can’t really beat Coinbase.

1. Coinbase – Best for Staking and Cryptocurrency Variety

Best Crypto Exchanges USA for 2024 : Coinbase

Coinbase is pretty good. It has a stock, so it’s on the stock exchange, which is kind of cool if you want to invest in that as well. But the good thing, like I said about Coinbase, it really has the best staking support for US citizens, with the amount in cryptos as well. It’s also pretty trustworthy. It’s had a couple share of security issues in the past, but users, I don’t believe, have ever lost funds with Coinbase.

Another good thing about it is that the USD on the account, with up to $250,000, is FDIC-insured. So that is pretty nice to see. So if you have USD on the platform, it’s probably going to be safe. So that’s really good from Coinbase, and not every cryptocurrency exchange offers that either. So if that sounds good, I would check out Coinbase.

2. Kraken – Security, Lower Fees, and Limitations

Kraken Platform

Now, with Kraken, it’s not quite as good in terms of the FDIC insurance. They don’t insure any USD on the platform, which is definitely kind of a bummer, and you’ll see a lot of people on Reddit who like Kraken that don’t really mention that. However, it’s definitely something to be mentioned.

Now, another con of Kraken is it doesn’t have staking for people in the United States, which is definitely a bummer. But the thing is, with Kraken, it has never been hacked, so that’s actually really good. It’s a little bit more secure, at least in terms of Coinbase’s history.

So that’s a pro in terms of Kraken. Kraken is also a little bit better in terms of its fees. It has less fees than Coinbase, around 0.25 average fees, with Coinbase being around 0.50 average.

So both of these offer pro platforms, and the fees can kind of vary quite a bit. But in general, I found that Kraken has a little bit better fees than Coinbase, so it really is kind of a toss-up between Kraken and Coinbase.

3. eToro – Unique Features, Higher Fees, and Limited Cryptos


But also, you might want to check out eToro. Now, eToro is my number one rated option, and that’s kind of a combination of factors. You might find it odd that I am kind of telling people to check out eToro, but it’s actually a pretty good cryptocurrency exchange.

Cryptocurrency on eToro can be sent to an individual wallet, so it does function like a complete exchange. eToro does have limitations, but the cool thing about it is you can even buy stocks on the platform.

It’s also never been hacked, has FDIC insurance up to $250,000, so it’s definitely safe to use. And the good thing about eToro, the one downside of eToro is that it does have a little bit high fees. The fees are going to be higher than Coinbase and Kraken, and it is limited on which cryptocurrency you can buy.

As you can see here on the list, they don’t have quite as many. Last time I checked, they had around, like, I think I put like 25. According to eToro’s official website, it does say they support up to 25. So it is a little bit lower than some of their options.

They do support staking, but really only on, I think, Tron and something like Polkadot, or it might be Polygon. But Tron, I don’t think invest in Tron personally. So the staking support here is limited too. But, you know, it does have some cool things, like I said.

You know, you got the trusted factor, never been hacked, good insurance, easy to use, and you can also buy stocks. So if you’re looking to buy stocks in crypto, this is probably the one to choose.

Final Recommendations and Recap

Alright, guys, so I hope I gave you good options here for US-based cryptocurrency exchange, or people who are in the US and want to use a US crypto exchange that accepts USD. These are the ones to go to, in my opinion, with each of them having their pros and cons, like I said.

And I’ll reiterate it one last time. If you want the best exchange for staking and the most amount of currencies, go with Coinbase.

If you want the exchange with the least amount of fees, but you don’t really care too much about FDIC insurance or staking in the United States, maybe go for Kraken.

If you want an exchange that also lets you buy stocks as FDIC insurance, but might have a little bit bigger fees and less crypto-supported, you might want to go for eToro.

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